Automatic High Speed ROPP Cap Sealing Machines

Automatic High Speed ROPP Cap Sealing Machines

Models: AHCS-60R, AHCS-150R and AHCS-350R 

Automatic High Speed ROPP Cap Sealing Machine is use to cap Glass or HDPE bottles in continuous rotary motion. It has self picking cap based mechanism for placement of caps on bottle and then sealing Rollers performs sealing operation during its planetary motion while ensuring proper sealing. Number of sealing heads in this machine can be customized as per the client’s requirement and speed.

Product Details

Technical Specifications

Salient Features

  • All contact parts are made out of Stainless Steel for long life.
  • Quick & Very easy change over and setting from one Height to another Height of container by a single ratchet.
  • Sealing pressure can be varied to suit different gauges and sizes of caps.
  • Machine Equipped with High Quality Gear Box.
  • Safety clutch system.
  • No Cap in Schute – Machine Stop mechanism.
  • Inbuilt Pulse Counter.
  • Unique Sealing and threading Rollers impart uniform, scratch free, fit tight and reliable skirting and threading of caps.

Optional Accessories

  • Infeed Turn Table.
  • Toughened Glass Safety Cabinet.