Automatic Bottle/Jar Air & Vacuum Cleaning Machine (Inverter Type)

Automatic Bottle/Jar Air & Vacuum Cleaning Machine (Inverter Type)

Model: AABC-120

The Machine we present is inverter type Automatic Bottle/Jar Air & Vacuum Cleaning Machine. It cleans the inner surface of bottles with help of compressed air and sucks the dirt with vacuum blower. This machine comes with inverter which will invert the bottle’s position to upside down, thereby giving the advantage of gravity while getting cleaned, the inverter once again reverts the bottle position in outfeed once its gets cleaned. This machine is best suitable for cleaning of Glass or Plastic Bottles used in Dry Syrups or Tablets and Capsules containers.

Product Details

Technical Specifications

Salient Features

  • Machine provides 4-6 air washes. (depend on bottle dia)
  • Entire frame covers & non-contact parts made from SS 304.
  • Overload clutch is provided to prevent jamming on machine.
  • Quick change over with minimum use of tools.
  • Used in product like Dry Syrup bottles, Tablet bottles, Capsule bottles etc.
  • Complete operation in inverted position.
  • Easy changeover for different size of bottle.
  • Acrylic guard over Airjet cleaning station.

Optional Accessories

  • 0.22µ Air Filter.
  • Ionizer.