Automatic Super High Speed Self Adhesive (Sticker) Ampoules/Vials Labelling with Camera Based Inspection and Rejection Machines

Automatic Super High Speed Self Adhesive (Sticker) Ampoules/Vials Labelling with Camera Based Inspection and Rejection Machines

Models: AHL-450ASA-R and AHL-600ASA-R

These machines are 100% servo based equipped with advance motion controller technology capable to deliver higher output varying from 450 to 600 Vials/Ampoules per minute depending upon its size and label size. labeling operation is done in rotary motion where vials/ampoules are held by starwheels for proper gripping and smooth traveling thereby giving excellent labelling accuracy with minimum breakage. It consists of :

1. Inkjet printer to print the matter on Labels.

2. Computer system with SS stand to teach camera the parameters to inspect on labels.

3. Advance Camera which will inspect the printer matter taught by computer.

4. Rejection Mechanism which will reject the Vial/Ampoules in case of No label on them, No printing on Labels and faulty printing on Labels.

It can also be equipped with 21CFR part 11 system with Industrial PC.

Product Details

Technical Specifications

Salient Features

  • Advanced Multi Axis Servo Driven Machine.
  • Advance Camera System for OCR and OCV.
  • Machine with Rejection and Vial/Ampoule Rejection Verification System.
  • No Label - Vial/Ampoule Rejection System.
  • No Printing - Vial/Ampoule Rejection System.
  • Improper Printing - Vial/Ampoule Rejection System.
  • Motorized Back Paper Winding System For Higher Label Speed.
  • Large Label Roll Capacity of 400mm Dia.
  • Most Rigid Machine Construction Ensures Vibration Free And Smooth Operation.
  • New User Friendly Interface on Touch Screen.
  • Smooth Label Dispensing.
  • Double Label Dispense Prevention due to missing label on roll.
  • “No Vial/Ampoule – No Label” – An Electro – sensing device avoids wastage of labels.
  • Advance Stepper Drive for Label Dispensing Unit.
  • An inbuilt Digital Counter provides continuous information of labeled Ampoules on Screen.
  • An inbuilt real – time speed indicator will show actual speed of machine.
  • An inbuilt PLC and Touch Screen HMI for control and operation of machine with Advance Software.
  • Machine Equipped with Basic level 21CFR features like User management and audit trails.
  • Label Roll End – Machine Stop system.
  • Vials max Dia. Upto 25mm and Cap Dia should be smaller than body dia. of Vials.

Optional Accessories

  • 21CFR, part 11 compliance. (SCADA System)
  • Standalone Large label roll attachment with motorized unwinding system.
  • Inkjet Printer.