Automatic High Speed Roller Type Visual Vial Inspection Machines

Automatic High Speed Roller Type Visual Vial Inspection Machines

Models: AVIN-120 and AVIN-240

Roller type visual vial inspection machine is use to inspect any breakage on vial or improper sealing or presence of any foreign particles in powder or liquid. This machine has inbuilt infeed and outfeed turntables. Vials traveling on rollers are check by operators visually through magnifying lens and in case of any fault detected, he manually picks the same and puts it outside the machine in a rejection box.

Product Details

Technical Specifications

Salient Features

  • Fully S.S. 304 pipe frame structure with electrical panel made from S.S.304.
  • Compact Design with straight inspection facility on both the sides of the machine.
  • All independent drives.
  • A/C Frequency Drive for speed control.  
  • Machine will have two tracks made of Nylon – (one on each side) Roller chain.
  • Automatic vial transfer from in feed turntable to roller conveyor track without any vial breakage.
  • Automatic vial transfer from roller conveyor track to the out feed turntable without any vial breakage.
  • Separate Tube lights for each inspection point for clear vision.
  • Very rigid and sturdy construction for vibration free performance.
  • Vial inspection is for inspecting of vial for breakage & cap sealing & is carried out by visual inspection.
  • Rollers are maintenance free and long lasting.
  • Machine stops if vial stuck on the track or any hindrance.

Optional Accessories

  • Magnifying lens.