Automatic High Speed Self Adhesive (Sticker) Labelling Machines

Automatic High Speed Self Adhesive (Sticker) Labelling Machines

Models: AHL-150SA and AHL-300SA

This is a Linear motion sticker labeling machine use for radial or partial warp or overlap labelling on vials, bottles and other round containers. It is equipped with container separator system to synchronise the container speed with label length. It gives good labelling accuracy and can handle different size of vials, bottles or other round containers without any change parts. 

Product Details

Technical Specifications

Salient Features

  • Suitable for Radial/ Partial/Overlap Labeling.
  • “No Container – No Label” sensing device avoids wastage of labels.
  • Advanced Stepper Drive for Label Dispensing Unit.
  • A/C Frequency Drive for speed control.
  • An inbuilt Digital Counter provides continuous information of labeled containers.
  • An inbuilt real – time speed indicator will show actual speed of machine.
  • An inbuilt PLC and HMI for control and operation of machine.
  • No need of any Change Parts during changeover of size.

Optional Accessories

  • Inkjet Printer.
  • TTO Printer.
  • Advance Camera system for OCR and OCV.
  • Container Rejection System.
  • Infeed Turn Table.
  • Toughened Glass Safety Cabinet.