Automatic High Speed Advanced Vial Aluminum Cap Sealing Machines

Automatic High Speed Advanced Vial Aluminum Cap Sealing Machines

Models: AHCS-R-150, AHCS-R-350 and AHCS-R-450

Automatic Advanced High Speed Vial Aluminum Cap Sealing Machine is designed to seal different size of vials. This machine comes with different number of sealing heads required on the basis of output. Each head consist of one Sealing roller which will seal the vial during its planetary motion while ensuring proper crimping and minimum particle generation during sealing process. This machine is equipped with rejection system in case of missing seal on vials.

Product Details

Technical Specifications

Salient Features

  • Complete SS 304 turrets and turrets plates.
  • All contact parts are made out of Stainless Steel for long life.  
  •  Safety clutch in Infeed/Exit Star Wheel.
  • Motorized Capping Turret Height Adjustment System.
  • No Cap in Schute – Machine Stop mechanism.
  • Inbuilt Pulse Counter.
  • Spring loaded free spinning Sealing Rollers eliminate any damage to Aluminum Caps and allows greater flexibility of variation in the container neck dia.
  • Unique Sealing Rollers impart uniform, scratch free, fit tight and reliable skirting and sealing.
  • PLC & HMI System for Machine Operation
  • Vial Rejection system for No Caps on Vial.
  • Vial Rejection System for Different colored cap.
  • Pop up rubber stopper – Machine Stop System.

Optional Accessories

  • 21CFR part 11 compliance. (SCADA System)
  • Infeed Turn Table with Delrin guides.
  • Laminar Air Flow System.
  • Velocity Sensor for LAF.
  • Secondary Cap Feeding Hopper System.
  • High Quality Glove with Glove Port.
  • Swing Type Conveyor.