Automatic High Speed Rotary Vial Washing Machines

Automatic High Speed Rotary Vial Washing Machines

Models: AHRVW-120 and AHRVW-240

Rotary vial washing machine is designed to wash internal and external surface of vials in continuous rotary motion.

Vials are held by grippers which will invert its position to allow servo driven nozzles moving vertically in order to wash vials from the inside. It has 6 washing stations covered in dome, providing three types of internal water washes such as Recycled Water Wash, Purified Water Wash & WFI wash and three air washes where as to clean external surface it has one water and air wash controlled by PLC.

The design of machine is compact and ensures a clear visibility of washing activity.


Product Details

Technical Specifications

Salient Features

  • Continuous type rotary motion washing system.
  • Washing process visible.
  • Servo driven dive-in type washing nozzles for ease of setting.
  • Water heater for Recycled water tank with temperature controller and interlock.
  • Three types of water washes such as Recycled Water Wash, Purified Water Wash & WFI followed by Sterile Compressed Air.
  • Code-7 type Air & Water filters.
  • Pressure transmitter system for Air & Water with Interlock.
  • Temperature transmitter system for Monitoring recycled water temperature with Interlock.
  • Aseptic diaphragm type valves for Air/Water medium.
  • Change parts of Black Delrin Material.
  • All Change Part coming in contact with washing material to be SS 316L.
  • User Management in HMI.
  • Vapour exhaust system (Duct at customer’s scope).
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Optional Accessories

  • 21CFR part 11 compliance. (SCADA System)
  • Pneumatic Vial Lifting Device with Pre Inspection table.
  • Air flushing with Auto Tank Draining System.